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Social media marketing Uganda

Neville Consults offers the best social media marketing in Uganda.  Everything now is turning online and many businesses have now realized the power of social media marketing and many have opened up pages to start off the journey however to be truly successful in your online endeavors, you will need a professional social media marketer and this is where we come in. In the 21 century, if you want your products to sell like hot-cake in Uganda, you must have a reliable social media marketing strategy because a lot of Ugandans are currently using social media. Our social media services are divided into organic marketing and Paid Advertising. We mostly use Facebook for our social media marketing plans however other platforms such as twitter, instagram can be considered

Our Organic Marketing service in Uganda

When you visit us for the organic marketing services, we will first understand your brand and what you would like to achieve. This initial analysis is always key to the success of your brand and from there; we will be able to make the desired organic marketing plan. Some of the processes within the initial analysis include understanding your customers, or the people that you want to reach out to. We need to know those people. Afterwards, we will design efficient and great strategies about where to find them.

Content planning and promotion

Social media success revolves around designing the best content and sharing it to the target group. The most part of our social media organic marketing will be able creating the best content in terms of Graphics, blogs, videos, posts, and others which will share to your target online communities. For example, if you are selling an item and you want to people to purchase it, we will begin by identifying the best prospective clients for your item and later on; we will share the products to them.

Building your influence

We will give you great tips about sharing and responding to comments and other posts.

Paid Social Media Marketing

If you want quick social media results, one way of doing it is paying to Facebook or any social media platform to advertise for you. We are experts at setting and managing social media adverts to ensure that the ads reach to the desired demography. Contact us today for the perfect social media advertising in Uganda. You will learn from the best social media marketers in the country.