Procurement and Logistics

 Supply chain management.
Managing supply base as well as other activities on a day to day basis is always the biggest problem organizations face. The production process within any organization is always the most expensive. With our personnel in place who have experience in that area, that problem is always easy for us to solve.

 Transport and distribution solutions and follow up.
Are you looking for any kind of transport services for your employees, goods or any other field in business? Look no further, “Neville Consult Ltd” has the solution. We provide you with the necessary equipment and/or follow-up services for your goods and cargo in transit until it reaches your place of delivery.

 Out sourcing services.
We appreciate the fact that you always need to focus on the core activities of your organization. This therefore implies that you no longer have to strain your resources doing other activities which do not directly add value to your organization’s profits. We therefore help you in the outsourcing process of such activities by getting you credible service providers of such services.

 Bidding tenders

 E sourcing services.
We help you procure any type of goods/merchandise from any part of the world and deliver them to your place of convenience at a friendly cost.