ICT consulting Uganda

ICT consulting Uganda

Our ICT consulting Uganda services have been designed basing on the reality of the Uganda technological state. We have the great ICT experts who will provide you with world-class ICT consulting services. Most of our ICT consultants have over 8 years of experience in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and other East African countries.  Neville consults knows how to covert extremely complex services into User friendly services, you will get the best if you consult with us today. Here are some of the ICT consulting services that we offer:

ICT hardware Purchase

Most organizations are always looking for the perfect desktop computers, Laptops, Network system that can fully support their ICT Plans. Our team will assist you with the best ICT hardware purchase, whatever hardware system that you want to purchase, The Neville ICT expert will be ready to assist you to ensure that you have the perfect system that satisfy your perfect plan.

Network Installation services

We will provide you with the best Network installation services, we have a great team of network engineers who will design the perfect network for your company and in addition, our team will be ready to offer their unconditional help in maintaining the network systems, should you have any issue with your network, we always provide a certain period of warranty

ICT software consultancies

Behind every successful business, there is some sort of software that is helping them to achieve that success. The software must be designed to aid them in their service delivery. For example, security software which ensure that computers are protected from any sort of intrusion; it could be Microsoft office suite which contain a bundle of applications that help in the smooth running of a business. Whatever industry where you are operating, there are always must-use software, Neville consult is here to offer you outstanding support in  getting the desired software that will empower your brand to success.

Project Management

In case you are looking for the best ICT project managers; we will offer you with the best management services. We have a great team of ICT project managers who are willing to help. No matter the budget of your project, even if, it will require millions of US dollars, we have the team to help you manage it.

ICT training

We offer the best ICT Training to several companies, NGO, government agencies and schools to ensure that they understand how to use their ICT systems. This is one of the most demanded services and how team has helped several companies with the best ICT training services.

System Integration

For clients who want to integrate different systems in Uganda, We are ready to assist you with the best system integration services.

Contact us today for several ICT services; you will gladly enjoy our great services.