Human Resource Uganda

Human Resource Uganda

 Employee hire for organizations.
It normally takes organizations a lot of time and resources looking for experienced personnel to work for them. To ease your burden and save you precious time, we decided to take the responsibility of searching and getting you professional employees with the necessary qualifications at your door.

 Feasibility studies;
We are aware that you always have plans of expanding your business and humanitarian scope to other areas within and outside the country. With our experienced personnel, we therefore carryout research for you in alternative areas you may want your business relocated and provide you with a feedback report on your chances of success in such an area with recommendations.

 Cooperate Training.
We are aware that at any one time, you will need your staff or even management personnel trained. We believe that you may want this to either be done internally by your own work force if not externally. We therefore provide you with such a service at a friendly cost and from experienced people.

 Internship training
We believe that all citizens, employees and employers have a right to do apprenticeship training in any field of their dream professions. We also provide such opportunities at a reasonable fee for all people intending to become real professionals in their fields of practice.

 Short courses.
We also offer short courses to our clients in different areas such as Procurement and Logistics Management, Android App development, Web site Development and hosting, international relations, Accounting, Finance and Human Resource Management.

 Career guidance services.
With a pool of experienced people, we offer career guidance services to the citizens in different institutions. We carry out such services by visiting institutions, conferences and workshops to educate our citizens in order to produce real professionals who know what they are doing.

 Legal Advisory;
We know that at any one time you will need legal advice and (or) processing of certain legal documents processed for your organization. We therefore believe that you do not have to look everywhere looking for such services since we have it all available for you.